Học After effect CS5

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 Topics include:
* Understanding the After Effects workflow
* Precomposing footage
* Explaining the basics and beyond of animating
* Creating glows, patterns, textures, and more with effects
* Color correcting footage
* Working with text
* Manipulating video playback speed
* Masking objects and shape layers
* Removing backgrounds with keying
* Compositing multiple pieces of footage
* Integrating After Effects with the rest of the Creative Suite

Training content:
1. Introduction
Introduction 01:30
What is After Effects? 03:12
How to use the exercise files 00:58
2. Introductory Project
After Effects workflow overview 02:18
Bringing elements into After Effects 02:23
Adding elements to the Timeline 01:57
Working with layers 03:45
Creating animation with presets 03:24
Applying effects 03:34
Creating animation without presets 05:38
Previewing your work 02:46
Exporting content as a movie file 02:29
3. Getting Started with After Effects
Touring the interface 06:02
How After Effects projects work 04:47
What is a composition? 04:52
Tips for adding content to compositions 02:49
Understanding the properties of video 08:50
4. Learning to Animate
Importing an Illustrator file 04:57
Animation basics 07:12
Animating opacity 06:40
Understanding anchor points 04:57
Animating position 06:08
Animating rotation 04:41
Animating scale 07:19
Using the Puppet tool 07:13
Copying and pasting keyframes 03:04
Animation shortcuts 04:57
5. Precomposing and Nesting Compositions
Understanding precomposing 06:51
Navigating through compositions quickly 02:51
6. The Power of Effects
A showcase of effects 02:34
Creating a layer for effects 03:01
Applying effects 04:54
Animating effect properties 04:29
Using Glow 05:34
Creating patterns and textures 06:57
Creating a fireball 07:09
Using the Cycore effects 05:58
Adding blur 05:45
Creating a galaxy scene from scratch 08:38
Distorting objects with effects 04:07
Creating and using lens flares 04:21
Creating lightning bolts 04:03
Viewing random variations with Brainstorm 04:39
7. Working with Video
Shortening the duration of layers 04:23
Trimming in the Footage panel 04:14
Slowing and accelerating video speed 07:09
Applying video transitions between clips 06:07
Working with image sequences 04:47
Importing footage with an alpha channel 04:12
8. Color-Correcting Footage
Brightening dark footage 09:12
Changing colors in footage 06:34
Creating cinematic color treatments 08:17
Creating a quick vignette 03:42
Colorizing black-and-white objects 04:50
Using adjustment layers 03:36
9. Creating and Animating Text
Creating and editing text 07:39
Applying text animation presets 04:41
Animating text manually 04:43
Animating text in 3D 04:06
10. Becoming More Efficient
Let's get better 00:37
Using work areas 03:37
Creating markers 06:17
Replacing layers 02:35
Mastering Timeline navigation 03:18
Aligning and distributing layers 03:04
Selecting layers quickly 01:56
Cropping layers 03:43
Adjusting comp resolution 03:51
11. Painting
Using the paint tools 09:35
Using the Roto Brush tool 09:25
Animating growing vines 04:53
12. Working with Masks and Shape Layers
Creating and using masks 06:42
Exploring mask options 07:57
Creating masks with Auto-trace 06:51
Masking objects with other objects 05:33
Making shape layers 03:43
Modifying shape layers 09:43
13. Working in 3D
Turning 2D layers into 3D layers 09:22
Creating lights and cameras 06:14
Creating shadows 04:23
Using depth of field 04:42
Working with 3D effects 06:03
14. Keying and Compositing
Removing a green screen background 04:37
Refining the matte 04:48
Compositing with color adjustments 04:50
Compositing with blend modes 03:55
15. Intermediate Animation
Understanding spatial interpolation 02:05
Creating and adjusting motion paths 03:55
Orienting moving objects along a path 01:29
Drawing motion with Motion Sketch 02:51
Creating pauses in animation 03:06
Understanding temporal interpolation 01:56
Easing keyframes 05:57
About the Graph Editor 04:25
16. Stabilizing and Tracking Motion
Stabilizing shaky footage 07:46
Tracking the motion in footage 04:27
Tracking with mocha 05:39
17. Parenting and Expressions
Setting up parent layers 05:49
Working with null objects 02:31
What are expressions? 07:17
Modifying simple expressions 02:20
Using the wiggle expression 07:01
18. Working with Audio
Understanding audio in motion graphics 01:22
Previewing and mixing audio 03:55
Enhancing audio tracks with effects 01:35
19. Rendering and Compression
Adding comps to the Render Queue 02:30
Exploring key Render Queue settings 04:11
How should I export my video? 04:55
20. Integration
Using Photoshop with After Effects 02:10
Using Illustrator with After Effects 03:02
Using Flash with After Effects 02:04
21. Conclusion
Goodbye 00:11

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