Các phím tắt trong blender

ESC Stops Ongoing Procedure
SPACE Opens Toolbox
TAB Toggles Edit/Object Mode
ALT-U Undo Menu
CTRL-W Save File
F1 Open File
F2 Save File
F3 Save Rendered Image
F4 Logic Buttons
F5 Shading Buttons
F6 Texture Buttons
F7 Object Buttons
F8 World Buttons
F9 Editing Buttons
F10 Scene Buttons
F11 Show/Hide Rendering
F12 Starts Rendering

2. Modeling
IKEY Insert Keyframe
ALT-C Convert Menu
SHIFT-D Duplicate
NKEY Object Properties Panel
CTRL-J Join Objects
ALT-J Join Faces
PKEY Separate
MKEY Layer Menu
CTRL-P Parent
ALT-P Clears Parent
WKEY Specials Menu
XKEY Delete
CTRL-H Hooks Verticies
OKEY Proportional Editing
EKEY Extrude Menu
CTRL-N Align Face Normals
FKEY Make Face/Edge
KKEY Knife Tool
CTRL-LMB Create New Vertex
SHIFT-R Face Loop Selection
CTRL-E Edge Specials Menu
SHIFT-M Mirror Menu

3. Navigation
Home All Layers Displayed
CKEY Centers View on 3D Cursor
ZKEY Toggles Wire/Solid View
NUM. View Selected
NUM1 Front View
NUM7 Top View
NUM3 Side View
NUM0 Camera View
CTRL-NUM1 Back View
CTRL-NUM7 Bottom View
CTRL-NUM3 Other Side View
CTRL-NUM4 Pan Display Right
CTRL-NUM6 Pan Display Left
CTRL-NUM2 Pan Display Up
CTRL-NUM8 Pan Dislay Down
NUM8 Oribt Up
NUM2 Orbit Down
NUM4 Orbit Counter-Clockwise
NUM6 Orbit Clockwise
MMB-DRAG Orbit View
NUM- Zoom Out
NUM+ Zoom In
ALT-A Play Animation
LEFT ARROW Decrease Frame Number
RIGHT ARROW Increase Frame Number

4. Selecting - Transforms
AKEY Selects/Deselects All
BKEY Border/Box Select
BKEY-BKEY Circle Select
GKEY Grab Mode
GKEY-X or Y or Z Grab Constrain to X-Y-Z
ALT-G Object Set To 0 Location
RKEY Rotate Mode
RKEY-X or Y or Z Rotate Constrain to X-Y-Z
ALT-R Object Set To 0 Rotation
SKEY Scale Mode
SKEY-X or Y or Z Scale Constrain to X-Y-Z
ALT-S Object Set To 0 Scale
HKEY Toggle Align/Free Handles
VKEY Vector Handles
CTRL-SPACE Toggles 3D Widget
SHIFT-TAB Use Snap/Grid