6 yếu tố chính để quảng cáo hiệu quả

1. A headline is the most essential element of an ad.(Mục tiêu)
You've got a second or two to get the attention of a prospect. The message in, and treatment of, your headline will account for up to 70% of the readership of your advertisements. Yet, if you examine the advertising you see in your newspapers and magazines, you'll find many ads that have no headline. All too often they start off with the advertiser's name or logo -- something the reader cares little about. The best advertising emphasizes the service, not the source.

2. Headlines and body copy should appeal to the reader's self interest.
In other words, learn to think, write and speak benefits to your market! Check over your copy. Are you telling the reader how your product or service can help them? Do you use the personal pronoun "you" frequently? Or does your copy talk about "we can do..." "We're the best at...", etc. The latter are considered ego advertising and will not serve you well.

3. Use subheads.
Most people skim while they read. That's why it's important to use big bold headlines and strong, benefit oriented subheads in your copy. If you hook your prospect with the headline, they'll next skim the body copy looking for a reason to read on. If you give it to them quickly and concisely through subheads, the reader will read as much more as you give them. In other words, long copy generally sells more than short copy, so don't be afraid to tell a complete story in all your ads.

4. Urge action.
Always tell the reader what you want ... "Order today", "Call for a free appointment", "return the reply card now", "come to our store by Nov. 15 to take advantage of this discount", etc. Never assume that the reader knows what action you want, and always be sure you make response as easy as possible. If appropriate, provide several response vehicles like a reply card and 800 number.

5. Use visuals that have a high degree of stopping power.
Photos are always better than illustrations in stopping power. Photos of babies, animals, odd situations or odd images are all good.

6. Use images that help tell your story.
Product photos, photos of your products in use, or any other photos are good -- if you can use them to relate a logical story about your company or product.