Digital Tutors - Camera Projection in Maya 2011

Digital Tutors - Camera Projection in Maya 2011
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In this series of lessons we'll learn how to turn a 2d image into a 3d scene using camera projection in Maya. By using a reference photo inside Maya, we'll be able to create realistic scenes quickly and easily. We'll begin this project by learning about the theories behind camera projection what makes a good image to project. We'll then set-up our camera in Maya for match moving and look at a technique to get our camera in the correct position. Once we've set our camera, we'll create the projection shader. We'll then model the rest of our building and animate a new camera. We'll then look at various techniques of completing our scene and adding a sky dome. We'll finish by taking the extra step of adding reflective geometry for increased realism.

1. Introduction and project overview
2. What is Camera Projection?
3. Taking Photos for Camera Projection and common issues
4. Finding the actual Focal Length and setting it in Maya
5. Adding our image plane for initial camera match moving
6. Matching the first point of our building
7. Creating a basic camera rig to rotate around our point
8. Rotating our camera to match our rotation to our building
9. Creating our projection shader
10. Using perspective tricks to model the rest of the building
11. Modifying our channel box to accuratly control scaling
12. Animating our new camera movement
13. Creating background buildings
14. Maintaining the horizon line by duplication our projection
15. Creating a sky dome that matches our background photo
16. Creating a preview render of our animation
17. Marking reflective areas using geometry and rendering
18. Adding reflective areas to add realism to our building
19. Creating new geometry and images for our reflections
20. Final rendering and compositing our reflection and projection
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